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Jenny has a degree in Embroidery with Julia Caprara School of Embroidery linked to Middlesex Uni 2010. Jenny’s other careers are gardening and psychotherapy both of these inform her current work. Jenny makes Eco dyed textiles using traditional and contemporary techniques.


Using shibori, batik and flour paste resist combined with eco leaf prints and compost dyeing she forms large and small wall pieces as well as accessories.Jenny’s techniques reflect her approach to life: Dyeing is fascinating as it an experimental technique, one can go through certain procedures but one never knows what is likely to happen. Like life, one can make plans but the unexpected is likely to happen.


Contemporary technique, compost dyeing and echo dyeing mirrors this process, Jenny sees this as an alchemical process; fabric and plants are buried in the slow warmth of the compost heap and with the gentle heat and moisture the plants disintegrate to form something entirely new. Jenny enjoys following a topic or theme and finds this helps her discover a unique approach.Nature is a constant source of inspiration and the organic patterns found in it inform most of her individual work.


Jenny feels textile art is something wider than art and she uses it as an expression of interest in the environment, tradition and creativity.

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